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If you didn't already know, We were formerly called Anguish, We weren't a top guild on Eu Dunemaul but we were in the top 20 ranked guilds on the realm. We disbanded Anguish because of a lot of slacking, Also not enough time or effort was put in from half the guild itself. We were going to apply to other guilds and go our seperate ways but 10-15 core Anguish members got in touch with me and the officers and we decided after a hard month of descussions that one last chance is in order. So here we are today.

Our Aim is to become better then we were previously and become a top 10 ranked guild on the realm. We are not a Hardcore guild but yet again we don't like to be classed alongside the casual guilds. We believe we are somewhere inbetween. We Raid Confidently and Competitively to achieve our goals and we expect nothing less from our members.

This is because we feel that previously in Anguish we rushed things a little and when we got to Lichking 25 man, Half the guild seemed to fizzle out ...

At Present we have destroyed and beaten our way through Icc 25 man heroic seen as we have just anihilated Lichking 25 himself, was a great accomplishment and a big challenge to overcome but we got there in the end and opened a hole new door getting 8/12 killed and on farm, We now Set our sites for what cataclysm has to offer and getting closer to our goal, we also would like to try for realm firsts in the near future.

If you're not already an Intensity Member and looking for a challenge then please by all means Register an account and go to our forums to fillout an application Template form Today !

If you have any problems applying or with our webpage in general then please get in touch, theres 3 ways you can do this, first of all you can go into world of warcraft and look for one of our accomplished guild officers,Secondly you could send 1 of them officers an ingame mail if you cant find any of them, thirdly theres the private website message option, and finally you could post in our website support forum which is open to the public eyes

Thanks for Reading and best regards,

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